Programmes for parents


This is one of the few parenting programmes to combine fun and science in a respectful way. If you’re pregnant or a new parent, Baby Brains helps you understand how your child’s brain is developing. By observing your newborn closely, you can learn how to offer the true support and guidance infants need. 

My aim is to help you raise a fulfilled and balanced little person who’s capable of learning and enjoys it! Try this L.O.V.E acronym as a simple way to remind yourself of the principles of effective parenting:

  • Learn through

  • Observation

  • Validate through

  • Experience

There are six sessions in the programme:

  1. Good habits and memory

  2. Manipulation and theory of the mind

  3. Separation anxiety and object permanence

  4. Language and bilingualism

  5. Motivation and discipline

  6. Attachment and independence.


This easy-to-follow programme is based on training created by Circle of Security International. They focus on early intervention between parents and children to help increase your child’s sense of attachment and security.


Raise a secure child

Work with me to discover new ways to help your children connect, restore themselves and grow. Take a look at the Circle of Security map to see the clear links between a child’s development, attachment research, emotional interaction and learning. The COS approach is designed to support families with children of all ages.