Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT Therapy - Advanced Training)

Being a partner in a contented couple takes love, courage, vulnerability and above all, communication. 


Just like any living organism, every couple goes through times of change and transformation. We grow, develop and sometimes get stuck – or go round in circles. In fact, probably one of the most difficult challenges many of us face in life is managing to develop both as an individual and as part of a couple.


Emotionally Focused Therapy (known as EFT) helps you and your partner to create a secure bond, by showing you fresh ways of interacting with and relating to one another. 


If you’d like to know more about this form of psychotherapy, it draws upon elements of:

Ongoing sessions last for 50 minutes.

I also offer extended sessions - eg: double sessions or more for those who find weekly commitment difficult (children, job, out of London)

To find out how working with me could help you and your partner build a deeper, happier relationship, please get in touch.