Girl Gazing
Individual Relationships

I am offering you a safe space to explore and understand more about relationships in your life. You might find yourself in different situations like:


  • You are involved in a romantic relationship and would like to discuss challenging things which you could not tell your partner;

  • You would like to end a relationship and you don't know how to deal with feelings of guilt, because your partner still loves you;

  • You might feel lonely and would like to find a partner, but you find it hard to engage or you just don’t know why you can’t build a stable relationship in your life;

  • You struggle with opening up emotionally and you keep avoiding engaging in relationships;

  • You might want to explore how certain negative patterns keep playing in your personal life relationships;

  • You are committed to your partner but you fantasize about someone else; you feel scared and guilty;

  • Your partner had an affair and that blocks you from trusting him/her again;

  • You have lost your partner and you can't get over the trauma

This is the place for you and I to reflect and build new ways of relating to yourself and others.

One session lasts for 50 minutes and the sessions run weekly on a regular basis.


If you’d like to discuss any issues you’re facing, please get in touch.